Wednesday, 2 August 2017

If not for Ooni Aderemi, Ife Teaching Hospital Won't Have Had an Operating Theatre

Oba Sir Adesoji Tadenikawo Aderemi 
The hospital was nearing completion and the Governor of the Western Region, himself the Ooni of Ife decided to inspect the new buildings. He appeared to have been impressed by all that he had seen, and we were happy that he was happy. Then at the end of the tour when His Excellency had seen all there was to see the royal face creased in a puzzle. He asked to see where the operating theatre was.

"Controller, where is the operating theatre?" My Minister turned to me.

"The operating theatre?" I in turn turned to the Superintending Engineer. I gasped at the explanation he whispered to me. Totally unfit for the royal ears.

"The original design was found unsuitable for the physical features of the site, sir." I lied impromptu. "So the Chief Architect has had to do a new a design. Construction is to start soon, Sir."

It did, very soon indeed. For the following day, the Treasury coughed up the necessary funds for the operating theatre, which item they had removed in the first instance.

May the soul of Ayinla Baba Tejumade Omo Adekunbi Ipetu continue to rest in perfect peace.

-From Timothy M. Aluko's autobiography. T. M. Aluko, an Engineer (with  Ph.D in Municipal Engineering), was also the author of classic literature texts which include: One Man, One Wife; and One Man, One Matchet, amongst others. 

His son, Bankole Olumide ALUKO, was one of the youngest Senior Advocates of Nigeria at the time of his untimely death in 2002 at the age of 46.

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  1. Thanks for the memories! Late Kole Aluko SAN was a schoolmate of mine and his older brother Dr Yele Aluko a classmate. A distinguished family indeed!

    As for Sir Adesoji Aderemi, I humbly and lovingly prostrate to his memory...