Thursday, 17 August 2017

A Bouquet For You!

Dear Members of the Onigegewura Family,        

I am very happy to inform you that we have received a very thoughtful gift on your behalf. Yes, it is your gift. Your own gift!

In the spirit of our New Nigeria Project, Regal Flowers, Nigeria’s top online flower shop, is offering a complimentary flower bouquet worth N35,000 (Thirty-five Thousand Naira) to one of our readers!

You are saying “Whaoh!” That’s exactly how I exclaimed when I was informed. On your behalf, we hereby express our heartfelt appreciation to Regal Flowers for this gift.

So what do you have to do to claim this gift? It is very simple. Our next historical story will be published on Friday, August 18, 2017. Onigegewura will pick the winner from the list of readers who comment on the story. The winner will be announced next week. Regal Flowers will deliver the bouquet on the winner’s behalf to any person of their choice in Lagos.

As you are aware, Regal Flowers  ( ) is  Nigeria's top online flower shop, based in Ikoyi, Lagos. They deliver fresh flowers and gifts across Lagos, Nigeria. You can view their products and order online:  or by phone, 07011992888, 07010006665. When you make your order, please inform them that you are a member of Onigegewura Family. Special treatments await you!

Onigegewura is your Project. It is our Project. We will continue to encourage industry, creativity, entrepreneurship, merit and patriotism.

I am certain that we can change the Nigerian narrative for better, with each of us doing the little we can.

Let’s do it.

Have a great day at work!



  1. Interesting what we can achieve collectively.

  2. I love Onigegewura's stories. Very rich and illuminating.

  3. Whaooo as a web developer, blogger and digital marketer, i was flabbergasted by the concept of the blog.. Kudos to Onigegewura, I am still dazzled yet to return to my senses. Its educational, historical and enlightened gonna Bookmark it and share it on my fcebook page.
    Volunterarily doing a campaign for your site. Thanks for the stories it's needed for the lost sheeps in europe.
    God Bless.

  4. Onigegewura. You're great all your stories just refresh memories with nostalgia. Indeed, history is is, not was. With you, dull moments.