Monday, 15 January 2018

Samuel Ladoke Akintola - 52 Years Ago Today

Samuel Ladoke Akintola  [July 10, 1910 to January 15, 1966]

"There can be a minimum standard of public morality below, which no party should descend. I must naturally say that what has happened has broken the hearts of many of us; but I must also say this that we have a sacred trust in building up a democratic, virile and economically strong Nigeria" - Samuel Ladoke Akintola

First Nigerian Minister of Labour
First Leader of Opposition
13th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland
Last Premier of  Western Nigeria
Former Minister of Health
Former Minister of Communications


  1. Wow! I never knew he was the first leader of opposition. If anybody had asked me that question before now,i would have mentioned Awolowo
    Keep educating us. "Every action today, becomes history tomorrow "

  2. From history one learns many things. Chief SL.Akintola was murdered by the soldiers at age 56 after he had put useful life into service. Kudos

  3. Wished he were alive to see what his political deeds contributed, one way or the other, to what the Yoruba Nation and Nigeria has become today. What would his take be?

  4. History will vindicate Chief S.L.Akintola's positive role in the political development of Nigeria.The vicious propaganda machinery of the Action Group was deployed to paint Akintola and his dexterous political manoeuvres in bad light during the Action Group crisis of middle 1960s. Nevertheless, history will right the wrong done to this illustrious son of Ogbomoso.