Sunday, 22 October 2017

For You who keep our Memories Awake


I wish I had a praise singer's tongue
I would have rocked and blown your name till your head is incensed by my praise 

I wish I had a praise chanter's voice- 

I would have thrown you up with the melody of my lines till your heartbeats  create an album of sonorous verse

I wish I had an artist's brush
I wish I had a rapper's rhymes 

you turn history's mystery into a movie
you report case laws as though you were an artiste 
tell me, how do you conjure the ghost of memory?
tell me, how do you abracadabra these legends and epic 

Onigegewura is library, trending
Onigegewura is Facebook, teaching

One session in your auditorium 
Stare decisis lose all their conundrum. 

Babajide Michael Literati Olusegun with love
Founder, The Parliament of Poets, Unilag

Onigegewura's Note: Segun, Onigegewura is very grateful for this. I expect nothing less from a fellow Great Akokite! Onigegewura is extremely grateful for this poetic effort. 


  1. It's a well deserved gesture, sir.

    I have been won over and all I can say is "Wow!Thank you, sir"

    Kind regards,

    Femi Daniel