Monday, 5 March 2018

Olusegun Obasanjo Is 81 Today: Source of Strength Revealed

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Ph.D., is 81 years old today, March 5, 2018. As a military officer, he rose to the peak of his profession as a General and a Military Head of State. As a politician, he was elected a civil President for two terms. As a scholar, he is a proud holder of Doctor of Philosophy Degree and he is also a celebrated author. As a farmer, he makes success of farming.

In case you have been wondering what the source of strength the former President is, Onigegewura will tell you today.

According to Baba Iyabo: “I have faith in my aided ability and support to overcome any disabling words, thoughts, actions or deeds from any quarter. I leave nothing to chance, I prepare but after preparation I leave room for the will of God which passes human understanding.

I have never been seriously caught off guard or disappointed because I always leave room for the worst after preparing for the best. And invariably, if you do not achieve the best you avoid the worst. I substitute faith for fear and hope for despair.

I react almost instantly when necessary to obnoxiously unacceptable acts, events and issues, deceptions and heinous crimes and gross injustices from any quarters to any quarters to the extent that such instant reactions have been inaccurately described as impulsive or temperamental. I am not moved by such description because what I will not accept, I will not accept, I keep no malice.

My disagreement or non-acceptance does not mean break in communication. I honour commitment and my word is my bond. I count a lot on honour and integrity because a man without honour and integrity is a poor man indeed no matter what earthly possessions he may acquire. I believe that life is too short for a man to be indolent or for him not to always attempt to do good.

Happy Birthday!

Credit: Olusegun Obasanjo, Not My Will, University Press Limited, Ibadan [1990]


  1. Baba Congratulations sir. Onigegewura this man Obasanjo is worth celebrating as a Yoruba/National leader. Thanks for sharing