Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Next Story...

The next story is loading…
I’m wondering what should be its heading

I have told you of Adelabu and Adedibu of Ibadan
Two men who were more than a thousand

Together we relished the tale of Akintola and Adegbenro
And of Obafemi Awolowo who remains a hero

I hope you have not forgotten the story of the men of the mine
The valiant Enugu miners white men could not undermine

Aba women’s story left all of us with wet eyes
That’s  the tale of brave women who died with their heads high

King Sunny Ade’s saga went viral
Therein we learnt many a lesson so vital

When I told you about Abiola and his Are Ona Kakanfo battle
You marveled at the prowess of Afe Babalola who refused to be rattled

How can we forget the tragic death of the son of the Sage
Olusegun Awolowo who flew away like a bird out of cage

The Ejigbadero story was like no other
It’s the sober tale of Raji Oba that made us all to wonder

You laughed and cried when I told you about Ayinla Omowura
It was the story of the magic ring I heard from Anti Wura

To Ondo we went to learn about the terrible thunderstorm
The story of Omoboriowo and Ajasin was beyond the norm

We have gone from the West to the East
We have also marked the North on our list

I guess to the South now I should be heading
To write the next story that’s  loading

It is a story power, politics and money fanned its ember
And it started on one bright morning in a September

The next story is loading…
And now I think I know the heading…

Echoes From The Creeks: The Story of …


I don’t know whether this is a poem or a song
It is therefore your choice whether it’s to be read or sung



  1. The rhymes gives it the melody of a song, the wordings and meaning are very much poetic

  2. Good work you doing here and I have been reading without commenting which I believe I have read all of every history published but this analysis makes me know that there is more to read and would appreciate if you can include the link to each of those expository so we can just click and we are reading again. Anxiously waiting for the next...

    1. Thank you very much. Please endeavour to leave your comments on the stories. Your feedback is very important to me. Without your feedback, it appears I am winking in the dark.

  3. We are with you always and never alone in the dark, watching how your pen dances on the paper...May I say how your fingers dances on the keyboard.You are blessed sir

  4. Pls can u do some research and a write up on a set of robbers that were popular in the 1990’s/2000’s. Let me tell u what I can remember. I think they were Abuja based. One was called kelvin or Kevin kerepe( not sure of spelling), they robbed chief don Etiebet amongst others and it was said while he was at the airport he saw one wearing a jacket of his they had stolen during the robbers,they used to rape while stealing and it was speculated this played a role in the death of Tokunbo Ajayi our revered newscaster, one of them was married and living with his family and used to come home to operate. It was a very big story when they were caught and a few of them died in custody. I have been looking online for the story but can’t seem to get anything. Thanks sir

    1. Thank you very much for the hint. Be rest assured that your Onigegewura will dive into the archives to fish out the story.